代表取締役社長 武田 芳之


Eiger Capital K.K. (“Eiger Capital” or the “Firm”) is a real estate investment and advisory company based in Tokyo, Japan. With its in-depth product knowledge and extensive transaction experience, Eiger Capital is committed to providing clients with various advisory services and transaction support related to sourcing and execution of investing transactions as well as asset management activities for existing deals

Through its strong global network, Eiger Capital also works closely with Japanese clients on cross-border real estate transactions. The Firm focuses on the U.S. real estate market where it has strong relationships with local partners (including co-investors and asset managers)

Eiger Capital also focuses on investing, owning and operating real estate assets on its own balance sheet (including co-investment). The Firm typically targets to acquire residential and office properties in Tokyo, Japan

The management of Eiger Capital has strong track record in investing and managing various asset classes in Japan, non-Japan Asia and Europe through all phases of the real estate cycle. The Firm has a disciplined approach to acquisition and has strong capability of conducting value-add asset management activities including lease-up, cost-cutting and capital improvement

Yoshiyuki Takeda
President and CEO